Promoting Celebs Opens Door to New Adult Market

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to increase their overall revenue in any way that they can. What many people don’t realize is that there is an untapped market out there that most adult webmasters leave on the table. I’m talking about those people who are interested in naked pictures and videos of the beautiful people, but aren’t ready to cross that line of actually buying a membership to a porn site.

Celebrity sites create the perfect bridge for that demographic that is a bit hesitant to make the jump to hardcore porn. Joining a nude celebrity site, though, isn’t such a taboo. After all, they at least read the tabloid headlines in the grocery store, maybe tune in to one of the paparazzi tv shows, and of course they don’t fast forward through the nude scenes in movies, right?  A site like isn’t that much different than the Enquirer…

Working with the celebrity niche also opens you up to a ton of new content you can use on your sites by incorporating the plethora of breaking celebrity sex scandals, wardrobe malfunctions, celeb hook-ups, gossip, nude movie reviews, and on and on and on.  Celebrity names are some of the most searched for terms on Google, Yahoo, etc. and using those names in combination with our search-engine friendly URLs will help you get listed and drive more overall traffic to your sites.

If you take a look inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of tools to help you get started in the niche, such as pre-formatted blog posts, pics of the day, celebrity birthdays, most popular celebs,  etc., all broken down by gender so you can further target your promotions. In addition, we’ve got hundreds of hosted galleries, HTML ads, special promotional gateways, java script plug-ins, RSS feeds individual celebrity landing pages, and more. Basically, with the tools we offer you, you can pretty much launch your own free celebrity site in a couple of hours. We even host all of the banners, provide detailed statistics about every hit, and offer sub-account tracking.

If you’d like some assistance getting started, just get in touch with us. We’ve all been doing this for years, and have helped hundreds of webmasters get started cashing in on celebrities!

CelebrityCash Launches Complete Hosted TGPs for Affiliates!

CelebrityCash has launched completely hosted thumbnail gallery posts (TGPs) for affiliates featuring both male and female celebrities in its continuing quest to make promoting celebrity content as easy as possible for affiliates.

The TGPs, and, offer hundreds of galleries, and the affiliate ID carries throughout the site and advertisements, giving affiliates tons of hosted content to promote one of the adult industry’s hottest niches.

“These TGPs make it incredibly easy for our affiliates to promote the hottest stars, without having to use their server space or bandwidth,” said Joe Stricklin, VP of sales and marketing for the company. “We’re giving them a complete hosted site, all they need to do is send traffic to one link.”

Affiliates can send traffic to the front of the site, or deep link to galleries for individual celebrities. This is ideal for free sites like blogs, directories, and review sites, as inserted galleries for other TGPs and as upsells on paysites.

This new tool follows a long list of recent additions and improvements to the CelebrityCash program including the implementation of Epassporte payments, redesigned celebrity sites and more.

We have been breaking celebrity scandals, publishing sex tapes and nude pictures and videos of stars for a decade now with sites such as,, and, to name a few.

To sign up, go to

The 2009 Phoenix Forum

The Celebrity Cash crew had a great time attending the 2009 Phoenix Forum.
A big thank you to CCBill for putting on an excellent show as always, and to all of the sponsors who make this show arguably one of the best there is.

Click here for our pictures from this years Phoenix Forum. Enjoy!