Justin Bieber and Tom Daley Collages

Justin Bieber Collage

justin bieber collage

Tom Daley Collage

Tom Daley Collage

Put these collages up on your gay blogs and watch the sales start coming in!

Top 10 Celebrities to Promote NOW

Here at Celebrity Cash we want to see you make THE MOST MONEY possible with us!
Here are our suggestions on the top celebs to promote right now based on popularity and user searches.
See each Celebrity along with their individual landing pages below.

Male Niche:
1.) Robert Pattinson


2.) Zach Efron


3.) Taylor Lautner


4.) Hugh Jackman


5.) Bradley Cooper


Female Niche:
1.) Eva Mendes


2.) Megan Fox


3.) Lady GAGA


4.) Rihanna


5.) Kristen Stewart


New Celebrity Landing Pages!

If you haven’t taken a look at our Celebrity Landing pages lately, you’re missing out!
They’ve been completely re-vamped and re-designed with a fresh design and more content!
When you’re promoting specific celebrities, there’s no better link to use than one that goes directly to a page dedicated to that celebrity.
We’ve made it even easier for you to build your own database of celebrity index pages by making our lists downloadable.
You can get the list with the delimiter of your choice, and listed either alphabetically or by popularity.

Examples: Lindsay Lohan

Jake Gyllenhaal

New Tour up & running, now is the time to promote Male Stars!

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Leighton Meester Sex Tape Ad Live

Hi everyone,

We’ve just put up a Leighton Meester Sextape page ad:



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