May 2011 Promotions; $1 Trials on!

Celebrity Cash is now offering a 2 Day, $1 Trial available for all of our webmasters to promote.
If you have any gay or Male Celebrity traffic, now is the time to promote MALECELEBRITIES.COM

$1 Trials do very well amongst surfers in the Celebrity Niche. This is a great opportunity to make some fast, easy cash with us during the entire month of May!
Joins are sure to increase under this Trial Option.

If you need help getting started, or have any questions; please email

CelebrityCash Releases Mobile Solution for Female and Male Celebrity Sites

[Phoenix, Ariz.] Celebrity niche affiliate program now offers a mobile traffic solution to webmasters with the release of &

“2011 is the year of the mobile site,” said Bob Gibson, VP of Operations for the program. “Many webmasters don’t believe they have mobile traffic but, they will be surprised how much they get. Our sites get nearly 200k mobile hits a month, so we want to offer our affiliates a way to capitalize on this growing trend.”

With the new mobile capabilities, the full web-based sites will be automatically redirected to the mobile version and will pass the affiliate ID throughout. Affiliates will then automatically earn income from their mobile traffic.
The sites will include daily updated pictures and videos rendered specifically for a variety of handset manufacturers and models, with larger smart phones as the biggest target audience.

Currently the mobile sites are only available for promotion to Revshare affiliates.
Webmasters can contact with any questions on how to get started promoting the new mobile sites.

CelebrityCash has been serving the celebrity niche for more than a decade with the latest celebrity scandals, sex tapes and nude pictures and videos. To sign up, go to

Hosted Flash Video Ads are Here!

You asked for it and we heard you. Our first set of hosted flash video ads are hot and during our initial trials converted like crazy. Your surfers will not be able to resist clicking on these ads!

We’ve set them up so you can use them multiple ways.
Your Affiliate ID, marker and join class are automatically inserted throughout the pages so you get paid for every join the site(s) generates from your traffic! No reduced payouts like many affiliate programs!

Your sale are guaranteed to go up once you add these videos to your website!
It is just that easy to earn more CA$H!

See some samples of these ads below:

Brad Pitt

Hugh Jackman

Robert Pattinson

Jake Gyllenhaal

We have many more hosted flash video ads available.
Check out CelebrityCash today for all of the latest, and then get your links up and start making that cash money!

Want us to create specialized promo tools or videos for you? Just ask! Send an email to or to make your promo tool requests.

New at Celebrity Cash!

Have you checked out lately? While other programs just seem to disappear, we are still here helping our Celebrity Webmasters earn the most money possible with their Celebrity traffic, and gay traffic on our Male Sites!

The latest tool that we have added to our members area are our mini sites.
We’ve made it super easy to add multiple pages of celebrity content to your site that automatically update and promote our high converting sites.
All you need to do is link to the site! Your Affiliate ID, marker and join class are automatically inserted throughout the pages so you get paid for every join the site(s) generates from your traffic.
And best of all, no reduced payouts like many affiliate programs!
You can make it part of your own site by placing the links inside a Frame or I-Frame, or simply provide a link to the mini site itself.

Take a look at an example of the mini sites below

Top 10 Celebrities to Promote NOW

Here at Celebrity Cash we want to see you make THE MOST MONEY possible with us!
Here are our suggestions on the top celebs to promote right now based on popularity and user searches.
See each Celebrity along with their individual landing pages below.

Male Niche:
1.) Robert Pattinson

2.) Zach Efron

3.) Taylor Lautner

4.) Hugh Jackman

5.) Bradley Cooper

Female Niche:
1.) Eva Mendes

2.) Megan Fox

3.) Lady GAGA

4.) Rihanna

5.) Kristen Stewart

Revshare Affiliates Now Earn More $$$ Every Single Day!

We’re excited to announce a higher ‘trial join-to full membership’ conversion ratio on all of our sites!
By limiting content for trial members and offering special Upgrade Promotions, we are converting more trials to full members every single day, which means more money in your pockets! Instead of waiting for trial members to “roll over” into full members, you’re now seeing them upgrade the same day. This puts the money in your pocket faster than ever!

Unlike most sites that don’t allow trial members to view any content and force them to upgrade, we have only restricted certain portions of our members’ areas ‘enticing’ them to upgrade. Surfers who are forced to upgrade before they see any content are far more likely to cancel immediately, where surfers who see some content and decide they want it all will stay members far longer.

Again, this means more $ money $ in the bank for you in long-term recurring revenue, and we KNOW you like that!

We are still the Best Choice for your Celebrity Promotions!

In the ever changing climate of the Adult Industry, it seems that every week yet another affiliate program makes the announcement that they are closing their doors.
Now more than ever, webmasters and program owners alike are being more cautious about who they do business with, and where they choose to direct their traffic.
Here are Celebrity Cash, we want to let you know that we have been in the business for over 10 years and aren’t going anywhere.
Our affiliates continue to be paid on time, every time.

While we may not offer the highest payout, we always do pay out, and we are always willing to take a look at your traffic and make a deal with you to help you earn the most money possible with us.

We are experts in the Celebrity Niche and can offer you more than just support, but also assistance converting your sales, along with the best and most up to date promotional tools in the business!

If you are a current affiliate of Celebrity Cash, we would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and your business.

If you haven’t checked us out lately, there is no time like the present!

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Press Release: Celebrity Cash Launches New Tours, Scandal Alerts and 40,000+ Celeb Landing Pages

[Phoenix, Ariz.] The celebrity niche is hotter than ever and Celebrity Cash has just overhauled both and to ensure affiliates get the best conversion rates in the market. Additionally, the program has launched IM-style scandal alerts that are updated with the latest celeb dirt, and improved celeb-specific landing pages for more than 40,000 celebrities.

“With the increasing amount of free celebrity material out there, it is more critical than ever to show potential members that your site has exactly what they are looking for,” said Joe Stricklin, VP of Sales and Marketing for Celebrity Cash. “Our tools, from the niche-specific tour pages, individual celebrity landing pages and our new scandal alerts are designed to do exactly that.”

The new tours have been updated with the latest A-list celebs and a fresh, new look that has the sites converting better than ever. In addition, the tour now features two popular additions: Black Male Celebs and Male Celeb Fakes pages .

Celebrity Cash has always offered celebrity-specific landing pages, but the new layout is enhanced with graphics and information to ensure potential members find exactly what they are looking for. Some examples:

Lindsay Lohan

Zac Efron

Affiliates can get the entire database of landing pages, the scripts for the slide-up scandal alerts, new banners, RSS feeds, java script widgets and more by signing up for and logging in.

CelebrityCash has been serving the celebrity niche for more than a decade with the latest celebrity scandals, sex tapes and nude pictures and videos. Sites include,,,, and among others. To sign up, go to or email for more information.

New Tours, fresh niches … to bring you the most return on your Celebrity Traffic!

We have recently added several new tour pages to our male celebrity lineup! Black Male Celebrities, and Fake Male Celebrity Nudes are the latest additions to our tour pages!
Believe it or not, celebrity fakes are a huge draw. If you haven’t tried promoting fake celebrity nudes, we suggest you give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of joins you see coming from this niche.
Check out our new tour page here and login to your Celebrity Cash affiliate account to get started promoting male celebrity nude fakes.
Black male celebrities are a hot item these days. We have now added an all Black Male Celebrity Tour page to our host of tours. If you have any male celebrity traffic, you want to get in on this. We are seeing fantastic conversions from this tour. Take a look here, and login to get started!

Scandal Alert Pop Up Ads Launched!

We all know the small instant message ads that pop up on many adult sites are extremely effective advertising and Celebrity Cash has taken it a step further.
Now you can implement our our Scandal Alert ads on your celebrity sites to notify your visitors of the latest in celebrity scandals.

About the same size as and instant message pop up, Scandal Alerts involve a simple java script you add to your html page and then you’ll get a small pop up advertising a recent male or female scandal, depending on which options you choose.
The Celebrity Cash team will be frequently be updating the scandals to reflect the latest dirt in the celebrity world.
Log in today to your Celebrity Cash account and go to the tools section to get your code and start making money on celebrity scandals!