Scandal Alert Pop Up Ads Launched!

We all know the small instant message ads that pop up on many adult sites are extremely effective advertising and Celebrity Cash has taken it a step further.
Now you can implement our our Scandal Alert ads on your celebrity sites to notify your visitors of the latest in celebrity scandals.

About the same size as and instant message pop up, Scandal Alerts involve a simple java script you add to your html page and then you’ll get a small pop up advertising a recent male or female scandal, depending on which options you choose.
The Celebrity Cash team will be frequently be updating the scandals to reflect the latest dirt in the celebrity world.
Log in today to your Celebrity Cash account and go to the tools section to get your code and start making money on celebrity scandals!

New Celebrity Landing Pages!

If you haven’t taken a look at our Celebrity Landing pages lately, you’re missing out!
They’ve been completely re-vamped and re-designed with a fresh design and more content!
When you’re promoting specific celebrities, there’s no better link to use than one that goes directly to a page dedicated to that celebrity.
We’ve made it even easier for you to build your own database of celebrity index pages by making our lists downloadable.
You can get the list with the delimiter of your choice, and listed either alphabetically or by popularity.

Examples: Lindsay Lohan

Jake Gyllenhaal