Hosted Flash Video Ads are Here!

You asked for it and we heard you. Our first set of hosted flash video ads are hot and during our initial trials converted like crazy. Your surfers will not be able to resist clicking on these ads!

We’ve set them up so you can use them multiple ways.
Your Affiliate ID, marker and join class are automatically inserted throughout the pages so you get paid for every join the site(s) generates from your traffic! No reduced payouts like many affiliate programs!

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See some samples of these ads below:

Brad Pitt

Hugh Jackman

Robert Pattinson

Jake Gyllenhaal

We have many more hosted flash video ads available.
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Press Release: Celebrity Cash Launches New Tours, Scandal Alerts and 40,000+ Celeb Landing Pages

[Phoenix, Ariz.] The celebrity niche is hotter than ever and Celebrity Cash has just overhauled both and to ensure affiliates get the best conversion rates in the market. Additionally, the program has launched IM-style scandal alerts that are updated with the latest celeb dirt, and improved celeb-specific landing pages for more than 40,000 celebrities.

“With the increasing amount of free celebrity material out there, it is more critical than ever to show potential members that your site has exactly what they are looking for,” said Joe Stricklin, VP of Sales and Marketing for Celebrity Cash. “Our tools, from the niche-specific tour pages, individual celebrity landing pages and our new scandal alerts are designed to do exactly that.”

The new tours have been updated with the latest A-list celebs and a fresh, new look that has the sites converting better than ever. In addition, the tour now features two popular additions: Black Male Celebs and Male Celeb Fakes pages .

Celebrity Cash has always offered celebrity-specific landing pages, but the new layout is enhanced with graphics and information to ensure potential members find exactly what they are looking for. Some examples:

Lindsay Lohan

Zac Efron

Affiliates can get the entire database of landing pages, the scripts for the slide-up scandal alerts, new banners, RSS feeds, java script widgets and more by signing up for and logging in.

CelebrityCash has been serving the celebrity niche for more than a decade with the latest celebrity scandals, sex tapes and nude pictures and videos. Sites include,,,, and among others. To sign up, go to or email for more information.

New Male Celebrity Sex Tape Promo Tools Available Now!

Celebrity Sex Tapes have become the #1 theme of adult celebrity sites these days and the incredible new tour is focused on this niche. It’s more hardcore than ever before and includes many xxx celebrity teaser videos. Conversions are even better than we expected; especially when our new Video Ads and Sex Tape ads are used to drive traffic to the site.
In addition to the new tour, we have added dozens of new banners and promo tools, including sex tape promo pages for our male celeb sites.
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Here are some samples of the Male Celeb Sex Tape promo pages!

Bam Magera

Kieran O’Brien

Calum Best

Daniel Radcliffe

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Promoting Celebs Opens Door to New Adult Market

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to increase their overall revenue in any way that they can. What many people don’t realize is that there is an untapped market out there that most adult webmasters leave on the table. I’m talking about those people who are interested in naked pictures and videos of the beautiful people, but aren’t ready to cross that line of actually buying a membership to a porn site.

Celebrity sites create the perfect bridge for that demographic that is a bit hesitant to make the jump to hardcore porn. Joining a nude celebrity site, though, isn’t such a taboo. After all, they at least read the tabloid headlines in the grocery store, maybe tune in to one of the paparazzi tv shows, and of course they don’t fast forward through the nude scenes in movies, right?  A site like isn’t that much different than the Enquirer…

Working with the celebrity niche also opens you up to a ton of new content you can use on your sites by incorporating the plethora of breaking celebrity sex scandals, wardrobe malfunctions, celeb hook-ups, gossip, nude movie reviews, and on and on and on.  Celebrity names are some of the most searched for terms on Google, Yahoo, etc. and using those names in combination with our search-engine friendly URLs will help you get listed and drive more overall traffic to your sites.

If you take a look inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of tools to help you get started in the niche, such as pre-formatted blog posts, pics of the day, celebrity birthdays, most popular celebs,  etc., all broken down by gender so you can further target your promotions. In addition, we’ve got hundreds of hosted galleries, HTML ads, special promotional gateways, java script plug-ins, RSS feeds individual celebrity landing pages, and more. Basically, with the tools we offer you, you can pretty much launch your own free celebrity site in a couple of hours. We even host all of the banners, provide detailed statistics about every hit, and offer sub-account tracking.

If you’d like some assistance getting started, just get in touch with us. We’ve all been doing this for years, and have helped hundreds of webmasters get started cashing in on celebrities!

Calling All Affiliates: Make Contact!

The most successful relationships between sponsors and affiliates come from communication. The relationship is based on a mutual goal of high sales and high profits, yet it seems few affiliates make contact with the sponsors they promote.

Think of it like this: if you were an experienced insurance salesperson for Farmers, and you switched to Geico, would you just assume that you already knew everything about Geico and skip the training program, avoid asking questions, or even talking with anyone at the company? Of course not. Obviously Geico has different sales tactics, features and benefits and consumer appeal than Farmers, and it would only benefit you to know the most you can about the product you’re trying to sell. The same should apply to affiliate programs; they are all different and all have different selling points.

Affiliate reps want to hear from you. Most likely, working directly with affiliates is a huge part of their job. Use them! I don’t care if you can only send me one sale per month, I want to talk to you. If I can help you get that one sale with your minimum amount of traffic to two sales and you can use your new experience with other sponsors that you promote, it’s a win-win situation.

We at make ourselves available to affiliates via email, ICQ, telephone, Facebook, twitter, etc. pretty much seven days a week. We continually ask for feedback, offer to create special banners and marketing tools specific to their sites, yet I’m constantly amazed at how few people actually respond. The affiliates we do work with on a continual basis tend to have higher sales and better conversion rates because they take an active role in their promotions. They ask for what they need and most times they get it.

When you sign up for most programs, you’ll typically get an email with an explanation of how to log in to you account, get your marketing tools, etc. along with some contact information for your affiliate rep. Make use of that! Especially if the rep emails you and introduces themselves. Send a reply back, even if you don’t have any specific needs or feedback to start, this person will be a good contact in the future. Save the email address, add them to your ICQ list, and take advantage of it when you need it. If you attend webmaster gatherings, seek out your sponsors and introduce yourself! Having contacts with sponsors can only help you in the future.

The people who are representing the sponsors you sign up for know their sites better than anyone so they are in the best position to help you make the most of what they have to offer.  Most reps would be happy to take a look at your site, let you know how they think you’d be most successful in your promotions, offer advice on what has worked for others promoting the same sites, and possibly offer custom marketing tools. The more effort you put into knowing the sites you are promoting and learning what has worked for others, the better your chances of creating a profitable promotion.

If you’re a CelebrityCash affiliate, or would like to be, visit the Contact page and get in touch! You can also follow us on Facebook and twitter.