New Celebrity Landing Pages!

If you haven’t taken a look at our Celebrity Landing pages lately, you’re missing out!
They’ve been completely re-vamped and re-designed with a fresh design and more content!
When you’re promoting specific celebrities, there’s no better link to use than one that goes directly to a page dedicated to that celebrity.
We’ve made it even easier for you to build your own database of celebrity index pages by making our lists downloadable.
You can get the list with the delimiter of your choice, and listed either alphabetically or by popularity.

Examples: Lindsay Lohan

Jake Gyllenhaal

New Male Celebrity Sex Tape Promo Tools Available Now!

Celebrity Sex Tapes have become the #1 theme of adult celebrity sites these days and the incredible new tour is focused on this niche. It’s more hardcore than ever before and includes many xxx celebrity teaser videos. Conversions are even better than we expected; especially when our new Video Ads and Sex Tape ads are used to drive traffic to the site.
In addition to the new tour, we have added dozens of new banners and promo tools, including sex tape promo pages for our male celeb sites.
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Here are some samples of the Male Celeb Sex Tape promo pages!

Bam Magera

Kieran O’Brien

Calum Best

Daniel Radcliffe

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New Tour up & running, now is the time to promote Male Stars!

Celebrity Cash is the leader in the business when it comes to the Male Celebrity niche.
We are happy to announce the totally redesigned tour of one of our best converting Male celeb sites, Male Stars.
Affiliates with gay and male celebrity traffic are seeing sales soar and their paychecks grow since we added the new tour this month, and now is the time for you to do the same!

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Hot New Jamie Foxx Nude Scandal, get your links up now!

Get it while it’s hot!
Celebrity Cash has all of the tools you need to promote the full frontal nude photos of Jamie Foxx. Jamie is finally fessing up and admitting that it is in fact him in the photos!
Whether you have male celebrity traffic or gay traffic, all of the new press surrounding these photos is sure to make you some extra loot!

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We have added new Jamie Foxx scandal pages and galleries to make your promotions simple!

New Tours Plus Sex Tape Promos!

The Celebrity Cash crew has been working hard to give you new ways to promote Celebrity Cash and put more money in your pocket.

We have recently redesigned the tours to two of our top converting celebrity sites, Celebrity Hardcore and Male Stars and conversions are through the roof!

Whether you have female celebrity traffic, male celeb traffic, gay traffic or most anything in between, there is a place for our celebrity sites on your page. Almost everyone wants to see their favorite celebs nude.
Now is the time to capitalize on the celebrity niche if you haven’t already.

In addition to these new tours, we have given your more ways to promote us with fresh tools and new eye catching banners that your surfers are sure to click on.
But that’s only the beginning, we have also added brand new sex tape promo pages for your use!
These ads are available in full and half page versions.

Sex Tape Promo Pages

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Have a specific celeb you like to promote? We’ve got you covered with our individual celebrity sex tape pages! Take a look at this Britney Spears Page!

Britney Sex Tape

These are just a couple of samples from hundreds of the most searched for celebs on the web in our database!

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And stay tuned for more updates from The Celebrity Cash Team!

New True Blood Promotional Tools for Celebrity Cash Affiliates

HBO’s True Blood is wildly popular these days, due in large part to the full frontal nudity and sex scenes they show for both the male and female stars. Here at Celebrity Cash, we find the stars of True Blood are some of the most searched-for names in our huge database, so we’ve put together some special promotional materials for you to use.

We’ve added True Blood sections to both the tours of and, so we suggest you send True Blood traffic to these sites. Both sites also have an in-depth True Blood feature including explicit photos, video clips and more.


If you are promoting a specific celebrity from True Blood, you can also link to their individual landing pages on Celebrity Cash such as this one for actress Anna Paquin, sultry star of the new hit series.

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We have also added several photos, banners, and text to make it as simple as possible for you to make the most money with us.
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Britney Spears Newly Released Topless Photos!

Capitalize on the latest Britney Spears nip slip.
Topless photos from a video shoot she did a couple of years ago are just now surfacing and this means money making opportunities for Celebrity Cash affiliates.

To help you get in while the news is fresh, we have put together some great promotional tools including these banners.

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The Male Celebrity Niche. Why YOU should be promoting it…

When you think of celebrity scandals, slip ups, sex tapes & photos, it is easy to only think of female celebrities. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan seem to be in the spotlight for some slip up every week. Female stars are in the news more often than their male counterparts and for that reason, many webmasters are missing out on a great opportunity that is right under their noses … Male Celebrity promotion!

There are several reasons why the male celebrity niche is money in the bank.
By promoting male celebrities you have the ability to cross over into both the straight and gay market (especially the gay market, this is where we see the bulk of our male celebrity traffic coming from) and as with female celebrities, you can promote famous men in both mainstream and the adult niche.

Celebrity promotion works great for bloggers, tgp and mgp webmasters, celebrity gossip site owners, gay site owners …. the list goes on and on.

Best of all, the competition is not as fierce with male celebrities as it is in the general celebrity gossip and female celebrity categories which of course means more money making opportunities for webmasters who are looking for something fresh to promote.

There is a huge market of male celebrity fans out there right now searching for their favorite men in compromising positions and provocative photos. And there is plenty of risque, sexy, and fully nude male celebrity content with which to promote in our affiliate area at Celebrity Cash.
We have all of the tools you need to be successful… hundreds of hosted galleries, HTML ads, special promotional pages and gateways, hosted tgps, RSS feeds, individual celebrity landing pages, and much more!

Our webmasters are seeing some of their best conversions with their male celebrity traffic.
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Male Stars
Male Celebrities
Male Celebs